"Friendship Garden"

"Friendship Garden"

Friday, January 14, 2011

A mix of Asiatic, Day, Oriental, Tiger, Blackberry & Trumpet lilies

"Black-Eyed Susans" blend nicely
with the soft yellow/orange tones
of Asiatics

Light Pink and Dark Pink/Red Asiatic
Unknown Oriental with a very, pungent perfume 
spreads it's beautiful scent all around, even with 
just the slightest breeze.

The beauty of lilies are a welcome addition to any garden. Starting in late spring my bright, tall, yellow Daylilies are a pleasure not only to look at but their sweet, lemon scent is very enjoyable too.The delicate trumpet like flowers in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes are a pleasure to grow and are also easy to care for. Their vast number of varieties keep me busy looking for something new to add to my collections every year. The many lilies mixed in with my hardy perennials slowly transform our gardens into a kaleidoscope of colours from May  until late September. The best approach is to attempt to have as many flowers as possible blooming so your garden is never dull or flowerless. The more you grow the prettier it will be.

"Marco Polo"  Oriental

"Cappaccino" Asiatics are one in the Tango
Series with dark burgundy throats and white petals
 Pink and white are just a few of the pretty, mini
carnation like flower colours in the "Sweet Williams" 

"Arena" Oriental
"Hot Lips" Oriental
"Summer Wine" Daylily
"Belamcanda" or "Blackberry Lilies are a wonderful
addition to any garden and are self-supporting.
"Latvia" Tango Series Asiatic

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