"Friendship Garden"

"Friendship Garden"

Friday, January 14, 2011

My mix of Daylilies from small to extra large blooms

Another beauty fr. P.E. County
I will always place the name under each image as long as I am sure of the actual name. Many of my lilies have come from friends who have no idea what the real names of the plant are. If anyone knows the true name, please share. Many lilies look like one variety but may not be that one at all. I check Daylily sites whenever possible to see if I am able to match the blooms to the plants. Although each flower only lasts one day there are many buds that open each day keeping the plant showing off each bloom. I try my best to deadhead the spent blooms daily and once the plant has finished it's final flower I simply cut the tall stems right down as far as possible.
"Luxury and Lace"
 Ruffled fr. P.E. County
(my name for this one) "Angela's Pink"
XL, tall, pale yellow Daylily
"Kwanso" Double with green/white striped leaves

Pale peach/yellow fr.
 Prince Edward County
A few of my buddies and I took a leisurely, weekend excursion over to Prince Edward County, (just south of where we live) a few years ago and found an amazing Daylily Farm just before Bloomfield, Ontario. Barry from Bonnie Brae Nursery was so knowledgeable and extremely interesting to chat with too. The spectacular view of 100's of Daylilies gently swaying in the wind made it extremely difficult to choose which plants we wanted. We all purchased a few different colours and varieties of his Daylilies, making it possible for us to share small root pieces called tubers. All of these healthy plants have managed to survive the splitting and transplanting we did in the early fall, as you can see by the numerous pictures I have posted here. Barry also grows amazing varieties of Hostas that are a feast for the eyes, grown under the magnificent, old maple trees surrounding his home. We also saw our very first, Giant Oriental lilies too. Some of these tall plants were close to 7 1/2 feet tall with beautiful and bright coloured blooms that were truly breathtaking. No matter where we looked there was something different to see and it wasn't easy to leave this amazing property. We hope to return to Bonnie Brae this spring to see what new plants he will have on display. Spring can't come soon enough for all of us.

New Milford, Pa. started from seed.
"Pardon Me" 
"Hall's Pink"
"Summer Wine"
An unknown, new in 2010
"Chicago Apache"
"Gay Cravat"

A Tiny Stella D'Oro
"Franz Hals"
"Barbary Corsair"
Unknown Deep Wine, ruffled,
white edges and yellow throat

I have never yet seen a single Daylily that I can honestly say I dislike. From the tiny, low growing, bright yellow Stella D'Oro to my 5 inch, 4 foot  XL yellow specimen. Some have ruffled edges, many are are multi-coloured and some are sweetly scented. Someone always has something different in size, colour or type of lily that they are willing to trade or share. It is so much fun to transform another spot in the garden with new plants or slips that have been purchased or shared with my many gardening friends. I am hoping to find some "spider" type Daylilies this spring as I am pretty sure that I remember seeing them at the Bonnie Brae Nursery on our trip to Prince Edward County on our trip to Prince Edward County in August of 2007.  

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