"Friendship Garden"

"Friendship Garden"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Amazing Asiatic Lilies

"Treffer" is a brilliant
orange with light brown freckles.
Four feet tall, yellow is a
prolific bloomer.
Rich, orange/yellow with brown
freckles into throat
"Grand Cru" and an Unknown
"The Stones"
White with yellow center
Red "Monte Negro" Asiatic, and 
"Jacqueline" an Oriental  

Pink tips, cream center with
Brown Freckles
"Grand Cru"

Yellow with Brown Freckles
White with Burgundy Freckles
Unknown Pastel

"Olina" Tango Series
"Kentucky" Tango Series
"Elodie" Double Pink
"Graffity" Tango  Series
"Latvia" Tango Series
"Dot Com" Tango Series

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