"Friendship Garden"

"Friendship Garden"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How did the name "Friendship Garden" come to be?

If I were to name your garden
"Friendship Garden" is what it would be
The love has been planted so deep there
And grown for the whole world to see.

Like true friendship each seed has been chosen
And nurtured with love everyday
And tended with genuine caring
'Til it blooms in a wonderful way.
Each bud that unfolds is a memory
Each leaf a small part of your heart
The pathways therein, though they wander,
Converge so we're never apart.

As the years pass the garden grows stronger
New faces pop up 'tween the old
But the ripple of water is timeless
And the roots grasp a deep and firm hold.

Yes, if I had to name your garden
"Friendship Garden" it would have to be
For the love that has grown in your garden
Is like the friendship between you and me.

Written by my dear friend Carole C.
August 29, 1995

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